Police operations were run with the support of Governor of Malopolska Province and Department of Security and Crisis Management of Malopolska Province Office. These activities were also joined by: State Fire Department, Armed Forces Operational Command, ( among others responsible for airspace security and they also took over medical security ), Military Gendarmerie, National Tax Administration and many other institutions.

Malopolska police forces are engaged in realisation of different tasks. Engaged departments include Crime Prevention Units which means: Traffic Units, as well as Operational  and  Anti-terrorist Police Units. Mobile security check points  have been  located in the areas of the highest  pedestrian congestion in the city centre of Cracow. Areas of our special concern are the places of stay and presence of 41st session participants. The main task of police forces is  to perform personal controls and controls of carried luggage  with the usage of mobile X-ray devices to check the content of the baggage. Hand metal detectors are to be used  as well as specially trained dogs which can find explosives. In security check points police officers are supported  by officers of Customs and Tax Office.  (National Tax Administration) who use  mobile devices to  X-ray luggage and scanners to check trucks and lorries.  Traffic wardens ensure smooth and secure transit of special columns  in Malopolska wojevodship. Due to  41st session, many changes in traffic have been introduced in the area of Cracow since 12th July 2017. As some streets have  been  temporary  closed, traffic wardens help drivers to use other roads safely and conveniently.   Criminal Investigation Department   is also involved. Its officers concentrate their activities on detecting potential dangers to keep public order and security.

Every day, depending on needs, between  200 and 700 police officers secured  41st session, its side events, meetings and trips to different sights of Malopolska of Session participants .Police officers on duty performed :

2690 people controls with hand metal detector ;  
1565   luggage  controls  with hand detector ;        
1099   luggage controls  with  X-ray  ( X-ray devices belonging to Customs and In-land Tax Offices were used . Vehicles entering ICE Cracow area were scanned.  There were131 controls of this kind  );
- 309 other personal controls  and  hand luggage controls ;
- 77 escorts and route securities  

As a result of ID and other controls in Cracow, police arrested 12 criminals and 7 wanted people. 97 fines were given and 11 offenders are still waiting to be punished. All  the above did not have any connection with  41st  UNESCO Session.


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