Public transport

Together with a badge, all participants will receive free tickets allowing them to travel around the city. You can get around Kraków using urban buses (within the city boundaries), agglomeration buses (which connect the city with neighbouring districts) and trams. However, the Old Town and many other historical places are located within walking distance.

  • The current timetable is available here.
  • Tickets can be bought from vending machines around the city, once on board (these accept only coins), from the driver (prepare exact change) or at certain newsagents.
  • Single journey adult fare is 3.80 zloty.
  • In order to use any of the reduced fares, you need a valid document which confirms you are entitled to use public transport at a reduced fare (student ID, retired person’s ID).
  • Children up to 6-7 years old travel free (the official limit is the age at which they start attending school).
  • Please be aware that paper tickets need to be validated using special machines once on board, else you will be liable to pay a penalty fare.


In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend only using licensed taxi companies. Such taxi should have a visible price-list, a taximeter and a company logo with a phone number.

  • Taxis can be ordered by phone, some of them online or at a taxicab stand.
  • You will pay approx 7.00 zloty (1.80 euro) upfront charge and 2.80 zloty (0.60 euro) for every subsequent kilometre (week day, day-time fare, zone 1).


Kraków is a great place to explore by bike. It can help to avoid rush hours and to explore streets and shortcuts unavailable to drivers. Should you wish to spend more time cycling, there are some popular long-distance trails such as:

  • The Old TownBenedictine Abbey in Tyniec; It takes approx 1.5 hour to get to the Abbey and most of the picturesque route runs alongside the Vistula riverbank.
  • Wawel HillPiłsudski’s Mound; The one-way route takes approx 1 hour. You will have a chance to see Kościuszko Mound and to cross Wolski Forest on your way.

City bike rentals operate during the holiday season, usually between April and October. You can choose between:

  • regular bike rentals

Many are situated close to the city centre. The charge is per hour (approx 9.00 zloty, approx 2.00 euro) or per day (around 50.00 zloty, around 11.00 euro).

You have to register online beforehand and prepay. Depending on the option you choose, you will get up to 90 minutes a day included in the fee. Bike stands are situated around the city centre and you do not have to return your bike to the same spot you collected it from.

On foot

Kraków is perfect for exploring on foot. Most city highlights, such as Wawel Royal Castle or St. Mary’s Basilica, are situated close to one another, in the historical centre where pedestrian zones make walking friendly and safe.

Accessible Kraków

The city centre, including the Main Square is covered with flagstone or asphalt alleys (Planty Gardens), therefore disabled guests should not have problems exploring the city. Nevertheless, some of the narrow, cobblestoned streets and high kerbs can cause difficulties. Many shops and cafes around the Main Square have at least one step. Modern public transport vehicles are modified to meet the needs of disabled passengers.

Touching Kraków

Almost all the biggest museums offer audioguides. There are also twelve 3D models of the most popular historical buildings situated along the Royal Route (incl. the Barbican, St. Mary’s Basilica or Cloth Hall ‘Sukiennice’). Each model has English and Polish braille descriptions. Tourist maps for visually impaired guests can be collected from Tourist Information offices.

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