Currency & Exchange

The official currency is the Polish złoty (PLN). Cash dispensers (ATMs) are very popular and spread densely around every city. All popular types of credit cards are widely accepted in shops. Money can be exchanged in banks, hotels or exchange counters (Polish: kantor).

For current exchange rates please check here.

Please note that you may be charged an extra fee, depending on your bank policy. Some of the big stores accept payments in EUR or USD, but you will receive change in PLN. The exchange rate they use should be displayed next to the payment desk.

Poland has one of the most technologically advanced electronic payment systems in Europe and major credit cards are commonly accepted, even in small shops. Mobile phone payments are also available.

Where to shop

Depending on what you are looking for, there are different places to visit:

  • Marketplaces – a great place to buy fresh food, antiques, souvenirs or local products. Popular places are the Main Square, the Cloth Hall ‘Sukiennice’, the Old and the New Kleparz, Plac na Stawach, Hala Targowa.
  • Shopping malls – here you can shop for international and Polish brands, as well as for souvenirs. Galeria Krakowska is next to the Main Train Station, Galeria Kazimierz at the Former Jewish District. More shopping malls are situated further from the city centre.

Shops are usually open till 7 pm or beyond on weekdays, while shopping malls close around 10 pm. Many shops are also open on Sundays.

What to buy

If you are looking for some typical Polish products, you can choose from:

  • wicker handworks (baskets and boxes),
  • hand-painted ceramics,
  • artisan woodcraft.

There are many shops which sell amber jewellery (even though it is rather typical for the sea region in the north of the country) or wool and leather clothing (which originates from the mountainous areas in the south). However, the essential souvenir to take back with you is… the Wawel Dragon statue

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