The Polish National Commission for UNESCO and the International Cultural Centre in Kraków are proud of the organization of the World Heritage Young Professionals Forum 2017 under the theme Memory: Lost and Recovered Heritage, as part of the 41st Session of the World Heritage Committee. The Forum has been implemented within the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme. The financial support was given by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

The World Heritage Young Professionals Forum took place in Kraków and Warsaw between 25 June and 4 July 2017. The theme of the meeting was the city and multi-layered interpretation of the problem of its destruction, as well as heritage and collective memory. Recently, Aleppo - a Syrian victim of war crime - has become a symbol of the city destruction. However, there are other factors affecting the city like natural disasters (the case of Katmandu or Christchurch) and changes resulting from globalization and commercialization of public space. 

The aim of the Forum was to increase young people’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of the implementation of the World Heritage Convention, the working methods of the World Heritage Committee and the challenges and opportunities of the protection, conservation and restoration of selected World Heritage sites carrying associative values. Young professionals from all over the world, between 22 and 32 years of age, interested in cultural heritage, during few days of the meeting had great opportunity to exchange ideas, broaden their outlook and contribute to the discussions on topics such as:

  • memory and identity,
  • conservation and restoration of sites,
  • limits of reconstruction,
  • heritage management.

Declaration from Young Forum Professionals

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