Various data collected:
  • A total of 3009 people participated in the 41st Session, of which 1973 were guests (including 1615 delegates from foreign delegations), and 1036 were from the organizer and service.
  • ICE Kraków was attended by representatives from 126 countries (State-Parties).
  • 626 people were preparing the 41st Session (employees of the National Heritage Institute, Kraków Festival Office and company BERM and their subcontractors: assemblers, dismantlers, waiters).
  • 53 side events (including lectures, exhibitions, cultural events and concerts) from 15 countries were organized during the Session.
  • 1029 participants of the session took part in 40 tours prepared by the organizer.
  • 22km was the average daily distance made by the service during the event.
  • From 29.06 to 10.07 the website visited 9800 people and generated 51200 page views (on average over 7300 views per day).
  • Photos from the Session and accompanying events were seen by 440,000 people.
  • 51 rooms were arranged in the ICE Kraków.
  • The main screen in the plenary meeting room had 100 m2.
  • In the outer courtyard of Wawel, 80 tons of construction (tent with equipment) was built.
  • The opening ceremony was attended by nearly 900 people. TV transmission of the event could be seen at TVN, Polsat and TVP stations.
  • During the Session, there were 9 morning yoga classes for the participants.


  • 27 persons from security staff carried out about 29,000 checks of persons, about 28150 luggage smears and 131 inspections of vehicles entering the ICE Kraków area with scanning equipment.
  • Each day, the 41st Session covered 200 to 700 policemen. In addition, 38 gendarmes protected the facility.
  • Within a radius of 50 km from the center of Kraków, air traffic was banned for the duration of the session; At this time, only 1 dron flew over the city.
  • During the 41st  Session, there were no violations of the safety of the participants.
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